Friday, October 18, 2019

Response paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Response paper - Essay Example The American citizens realize that the increased profit pressures are moving the press away from sensitive and controversial issues. These issues may critic on features of corporate America resulting to reduced sales. Thus, the media agendas receive direction from the government and business interests. The citizens are highly becoming aware that the media they are receiving is of lower quality filled with propaganda. The citizens also now understand that the media is a form of support or manipulation tool for the powerful. It also understands that the media consistently fails in its role of delivering true information to the masses. The distrust of media has grown quite extensively over the past five years in many American citizens (In Ward 2013 p. 67). Regulations limiting media products from entering a domestic market include import quotas, immigration rules, foreign ownership regulations, foreign exchange remittances and custom duties. This occurs to protect local industries from foreign competition. However, as times change the trade barriers undergo lessening in an effort to increase trade. If these barriers in the future receive lifting, the media products would flow freely between countries. This unlimited flow of entertainment and information would enhance media globalization. The transport of people and goods keeps improving. Over the years, it keeps getting affordable and reliable. These improvements will facilitate quick and easy transportation of media products to people across the world in the future. These improvements will facilitate growth of global media since the products will be easily accessible. Technology keeps evolving. It keeps reducing geographical distance while allowing for larger volumes of communication. With new developments, the speed of communication keeps increasing. Technology evolvements keep making communication and access of information easier and flexible. Thus, in the future these new

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