Thursday, October 17, 2019

Growth and world's cities Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Growth and world's cities - Assignment Example The city was founded in 1565 after the French flee the region. Currently, the city rests over a flat yet narrow plain situated between the foothills which lay between the Atlantic Ocean and the Highlands of Brazil, right over the shore residing on the Guanabara Bay. Though the public policy regarding urban planning in Brazil isn`t quite impressive, yet the city reflects considerable urban development which makes it one of the most anticipated tourist resorts. A few communities in Rio exhibit remarkable projects undertaken by private investors like their own waste collection and sewerage systems, gay care centers, considerably higher literacy rate, support centers for the elders, nutrition, recreational and sports centers, metropolitan hotels and other similar urban hubs. Yet, a few other areas seem to be lagging behind in terms of urban development. Rio de Janeiro grew over time to become what it is now. In the first few decades of the 20th century, Rio saw a drastic increase in its population to around 2 million. In 1927, when Antionio Prado was heading the state, the Agache Plan was incorporated into public policy regarding urban development which boosted the growth of the city in the context (Vojnovik 2013) . Thus, during the late 1920`s, th e city saw its golden age which continued till the 1950`s where high profile hotels like Copacabana Palace and the Hotel Gloria were built. Also, the city was turned into a destination for hollywood celebrities and other high profile people from all around the world. Thus, private investment flew in and urban resorts like the Copabana beach and the Santos Dumont airport was inaugurated, further giving the urban touch to the city. After the 1950`s, transportation infrastructure was the focus of the government along with industrial development, which further paved way for the development of advanced housing communities for the blue

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