Friday, October 4, 2019

Classical Music, Beethoven, Verdi, & Wagner Essay

Classical Music, Beethoven, Verdi, & Wagner - Essay Example The word Romanticism originated from the age old chivalry and adventure which was rooted in the Middle Ages. Beethoven was much taken by the ideals of the enlightenment and by French Revolution in Europe and he believed in universal brotherhood. The Romantic Period consisted of the aesthetic approach, especially in literature, and other art forms. Beethoven was called a Romantic by his contemporaries such as Spohr and E.T.A. Hoffman. However, he was influenced by the Romantic Folk Idioms and he set dozens of Romantic poems for voice, piano, and violin. It was quite amazing that when Beethoven created his masterpieces, he was in distress burdened with many personal problems. But despite the conflicts in his life, he remained committed to the art and his legacy to the music form will ever remain unsurpassed   Giuseppe Verdi, who was more than a composer, was a dramatist, and an artist who used music as an instrument to convey the art of classical drama. His contributions to Classicis m were 28 Operas, which were purely dramatic compositions. â€Å"No one would ever accuse Giuseppe Verdi of being a classicist at heart but his string quartet has this same view at its heart-- it is an intimate home entertainment. Along with his 28 operas, Verdi wrote a famous Requiem and Four beautiful Sacred pieces for choir, a handful of occasional pieces string quartet, not only his one piece of chamber music but his one and only piece of purely instrumental music.† (Mendelssohn, Verdi, Dvorak, 2002).  

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