Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 23

Case Study Example In ‘Our Product’ segment, I have given the available products in the market and emphasized of the prices and the after use results. The ‘Invite to Facebook page’ segment gives a description of how the consumers are expected to interact with their fellow consumers and the company in general especially in comments and criticism. As such, I am optimistic that the information in the page is effective towards the targeted social marketing for the company’s products. In this regard, I kindly request that you personally go through the page and give your final approval on the messaging before it is officially hosted. I write in reference to the ongoing company’s project that entails social marketing for the company’s beauty products. The memo comprises of the ways in which I have adapted the Facebook Page for the company, the reasons for using the messaging and design on the Facebook Page and its attractive purpose to the customers. Basically, my idea of adapting Facebook as the most effective tool in social marketing emerged after I conducted a thorough research on how our company was going to increase its sales, and further maintain a competitive advantage bearing in mind that there are numerous companies selling similar products across the country. The research articulated that a large numbers of our potential customers used Facebook as their official social media platform. In this regard, I chose the two main colors in the official website in order to maintain the brand image as stipulated in the company’s policy. In addition, I incorporated the two separate segments to give emphasis on the two main themes that were expected to appear on the Facebook page as discussed and approved by the team members in a series of meetings held in the past few days. The general design on graphics and animations was worked on by the company’s Creative Department to blend the messaging together in order to

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