Monday, August 12, 2019

Eating Fast Food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Eating Fast Food - Essay Example He was a very hardworking boy who was determined to achieve his dream and transforming the society to a better place. As such, at the age of 24, he decided to relocate from Ohio, his hometown to Anaheim, California where he was offered an opportunity to work in his uncle’s factory. Driven by ambition of doing his personal business, he decided to purchase a hot dog cart in 1939 and started hawking his hot dogs in the streets to customers using the cart. His main customers were mainly those in cars who could not have time to go and eat at home. With the growing demand, the business flourished very fast. In a span of just five months, he bought another cart to enable him expand his business, after which he decided to open Carl’s Drive-In Barbeque, the first ever fast food restaurant in the world (Schlosser, 2002, p.20). Karcher’s business grew very fast and as eating in the car became a way of life, which later extended to the church. The Drive-In Church in California is notably the fast church to adopt the fast food service. Later on, the idea was adopted by Richard and Maurice McDonald, who opened up â€Å"McDonald’s Famous Hamburgers† in 1939. Tired of having to hire carhops, as was the case with Karcher, they decided to close up the business and fired all their employees (Jakle and Sculle 2002, p.56-59). They then opened up a â€Å"New McDonald’s, restaurant that only operated on plastics and paper, thereby abandoning the use of dishes, glasses, and silverwares. This system increased speed and efficiency and received a lot of appreciation and admiration from many people who later on began imitating the McDonald Brothers. This saw the establishment of restaurants such as Wendy’s Old-fashioned Hamburger, Burger, King, Durkin Donuts, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Frie nd Chicken, just to name but a few (Hall, 2011, p.34-38). The idea of fast food later spread to other nation around the globe. For example, in the United

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