Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Jumeira's firm specific and home location advantages Essay

Jumeira's firm specific and home location advantages - Essay Example The Jumeira Hotel in Dubai is called the Burj al Rab. After its completion, it was the ninth largest in Dubai. The total space that the facility covers is enormous. Its location makes it more appealing than other hotels of the same standards. This is the case with many other hotels in this chain. This essay aims at determining the specific and home country location advantages that the jumeira group of hotel has over other hotels. The Jumeira Hotel is strategically placed that other hotels of the same standards cannot match the type of appeal that it brings to the customer. The Jumeira branches of hotels are mostly situated by the shore of water bodies this makes them a variety of options. The can provide water tourism services, something that not many other hotels have. They are strategically placed in the various countries that they are found in. To begin with, Dubai is among the cities with the largest inflow of tourists in the world. With the new major tourist attractions coming up in the place, the number of visiting tourists is increasing tremendously. This gives the hotel an advantage over hotels in other parts of the world. The large number of tourists in Dubai is a guarantee that the hotel will register huge numbers of tourists. This is also the case with the other branches of the hotel. For example, the Jumeira Carlton towers in London, it is a major tourist attraction in itself, leave alone the amo unt of tourists that London receives, the strategic design and placement by the water side makes it very appealing. The tourism statistics of the countries where the various hotels are found rank very well in terms of the numbers of tourists. Some of the various locations include; the Abu Dhabi branch, Frankfurt, Kuwait, Istanbul, Maldives, Rome, shanghai, Mallorca, and Baku. All these countries are major tourist attractions sites. Spain Italy and London are ranked among the top ten highest

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