Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Leadership Research and Commentary Annotated Bibliography

Leadership Research and Commentary - Annotated Bibliography ExampleThe antecedents view provided an insightful information regarding various slipway in which leaders can develop agility which may help them in adapting to the moral force and ever-changing external environment. The discussions provide a strong fillip to the readers to achieve higher levels of efficiency as leaders through the five levels of mastery. This book includes a revolutionary concept with regard to leadership theory and practice. The author has discussed the U theory proposed by Scharmer and Senge, et al., in extensive detail. The various discussions and theories include in the book offer a wide perspective to the readers as well as organizational leaders regarding the personal manner in which they can develop critical skills to foresee and judge the requirements of the industry and customers tastes and preferences. The author has included in-depth interviews of over 150 leaders from across the globe whic h includes prominent entrepreneurs, educators, economists, cognitive scientists as well as other leaders from diverse fields who have displayed high levels of achievement and performance in their respective areas of expertise. The inclusion of such diverse perspectives helped in approaching the issue of leadership in a manner that allows for a holistic understanding of the concept. In this article, the author has addressed the changing role of management and hence leaders. In such a highly dynamic environment leading an organization towards success is a highly tedious task. It has been observed that at times the CEOs of companies may feel reluctant to actively act in debates and issues critical to the organizations. In order to help them to confidently confront critical issues and prevent their organizations from any damage.

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