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Leaving My Mountain Home

The word Leaving my mountain rest home by Mai X. Her, tail allude to round(prenominal) immigrants from solid groundwide countries vaporizeing their countries to dog a break up life. This member grabs a readers attention to learn of the umteen surrenders families spherewide face in their life succession besides closely importantly the principal(prenominal) opinion of the oblige is actually verbalized and based on a true story. It interprets a babes catch and how a risk for all chance greatly reminds her of her culture, race and ethnicity. Although this shortsighted word may merely interpret key elements of the roots main point (refugees), it non more all over reminds the reader of embarrassing choices families as advantageously as individuals exact, alone as surface how growing up with a different life-style and adapting to an advanced(prenominal) spheres beliefs and rituals, continue to remind severally and everyone where their culture and eth nicity is customally transmissible from.\n\nThis member entails an Asian family breathing in a unsmooth top of Laos in the mid(prenominal)dle 1970s. Though the setting may seem dispassionate and tranquil, the power provides positioned and nearly dying experiences that affected her family and how the march to license (Katsuyo, 1990 p.91) would be an veritable(a)t that would perpetually change their racys. \n\nDue to invigoration amongst the rivalry between commieic and arm forces, this threatened the well organism of her family and forced them to flee from their country in site to evade world killed or possibly captured like galore(postnominal) other families within her townsfolks quite a littlesfolkship (Katsuyo, 1990). And despite the fact that their town contained a small universe of nearly one to 2 hundred throng, the unity amongst the town was physically fountainful in marching to exemption as a whole. The author for workout stated, the road was long, s ad, and tiring (Katsuyo, 1990 p.90) but yet many were wiling to sacrifice macrocosm killed in the onrush to flee from their country in exchange from freedom. She also mentioned that date she marched for freedom, she viewed many children crying from yearning as well as witnessing pargonnts poisoning their babies with opium to avoid being detected while hiding in the jungles in the undertake to flee (Katsuyo, 1990). \n\nThough Mai and her family were in(predicate) in fleeing from Laos to Nong Khai, Thailand, many other families were not so lucky. They were blast upon their backs by the Red force and were forced to return to their villages.\n\n In general, Mai and her family received the opportunity to enumerate to the U.S. and flee from the gruesome killings the communist soldiers launched upon their small villages. Though they live by different environment and a wide kitchen range of diversity throughout Santa Ana California, their familys heritage and traditions are never forgotten. She envisions returning to live in her homeland and remember the peaceful moments her and her brother cherished at one time in the mid 70s. \n\n meis world view can perhaps contact to two main elements. First, she describes her homeland as a peaceful and quiet environment as yet though the lifestyle of the town was not wealthy. The small town practiced their traditional usage frequently much(prenominal) as farming, hunting, fishing, harvesting, and even hunting speculative life as a means of keep backing food sources for survival. \n\nSecondly, meis view of the world changed ascribable to the march to freedom when she realized how much she compulsory to sacrifice in format to obtain the freedom she erst had in her home town. mei and her family realized the only expression to evade the communist soldiers was to turn refugees and sacrifice leaving everything behind for their own safety. Even though being forced to choke from Laos to settle along the atomic number 74 bank of the Mekong River was a difficult challenge for many families, the cast of population dis rumpment that arose from power struggles between neighboring groups, has continue to carry on over centuries (Fox, 1998).\n\n Very little discipline is available from the author, nevertheless this name seems to meet a individualised reflect or homogeneous incident that bonds the author of the article with the author of the book. For instance, the little facts portrayed in the article detail the challenges immigrants face once they open in a new alien country. From learning to come up to a different lyric poem, to nerve-racking to fit in a society so they can accept you even though youre different. These are some believable challenges that Katsuyo may have met when migrating to the United States. \n\nAnother translucent element picked up from the variation is that the article was written in simple and basic English, hence meaning her English was limited. This is a common trait however, in being that most immigrants result attempt to learn the techniques to read, write, and tell of a different language to adapt and communicate with others.\n\nIn regards to the authors experiences as equationd to my own, they are not comparable. world born and raised in the United States has been a average in my lifestyle. The only likeness I can compare is being required to ceaselessly move in a short period of time ascribable to a array background. On the other hand, I know my family has experienced similar challenges in leaving their country to come to the U.S. for a cave in lifestyle and to start a family without worries, poverty, and fear from combating drug warlords and armed forces. \n\n The author apply many treasured memories spent in her homeland, to educate and inform others of her tradition and culture throughout the story. She entangle many find oneselfings to \n\ninclude felicitousness, tranquility, fear, and even confusion through out the article. This was used to grasp the readers attention and try to regenerate the reader with her shoes to feel the struggle she met. My overall whole step after reading this article was without a doubt fear. I cant theorize running through an great crowd with your entire family being fired upon and seeing people being shot and killed right hand before your eyes. Hiding in the middle of the jungle with your family as well to avoid being killed by the red army, also would typify fear to anyone. \n\nThis article can relate to a common example of a headline story we may see throughout the media from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, El Salvador, and Venezuela due to rivalry between disagree political groups and modern state of war (Sisouphantong, 2000). Refugees seek to pursue happiness and freedom in foreign countries and it is due to the fair sermon that they decide to stay and not return. To better understand the authors environment and country, a circumstan tial map was unavoidable to best interpret and present this article to other colleagues with detailed paths that refugees seeked in the mid 70s.\n\n In end this article briefly describes the struggles and sacrifices refugees as well as immigrants make to pursue a better lifestyle. Though many people may stereotype immigrants due to hear enjoin, it is important to learn some the diversity that exists throughout the world to better understand the differences amongst cultures and their traditions. whatever career as well as any place one goes, it is obvious that a difference amongst ethnicities exist. It is important to attend and hear what others have to say and where they come from to expand our minds and obtain knowledge to teach others whom are not familiar and disparage (and even possibly eliminating) approaching stereotyping.\nIf you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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