Monday, February 6, 2017

Juvenile Crime and the Criminal Justice System

The rigourousness of detestations committed by juveniles has in st senesces increase throughout time.\nThe punishments that juveniles procure are non alike to the cruelty of the crime he or she committed. Children tried in juvenile courts would sole(prenominal) baffle to serve a light amount of time in a juvenile dodging. at one time their time for punishment has been fulfilled, these sisterren return key to the streets committing the same crime. It is a flagitious cycle that must be stopped. Juvenile systems believe these puppyish bends deserve a trice chance. Due to the fact that these children dissolve commit the same crime as any other(a) fully grown criminal, they too should be tried in an bragging(a) court. Juveniles may be progeny of age, but they are not children.\nJuveniles are not receiving the objurgate punishment for the crimes they are committing. These juvenile criminals k presently the difference betwixt right and wrong and what they fire do a nd cannot do. Therefore, there is no excuse for a child that commits the same crime as an adult to not perk the same punishments as an adult would. Because punishments are lenient these tender children have the ability to exit advantage of the juvenile system by committing more crimes. fit to an article by LA Youth it states, at the age of 14 you should be account equal to(p) for your actions, if there is no accountability, theyll do it again.  Juveniles know that due to world of young age they go forth not be badly punished for the crime they committed. However, we now have proposition 21. suggest 21, was a proposition proposed and passed in 2000 that increased a compartmentalisation of criminal penalties for crimes committed by youth and incorporated umpteen youth offenders into the adult criminal justice system. The proposition includes: increased punishment for gang-related felonies, indeterminate look sentences for home invasion robbery, carjacking, and drive-by s hootings. With proposition 21 we are able to keep the community a safer place because not only adu...

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